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    I have never been to a beach, and I would love to take a roadtrip to one. Preferably one in California. I'm from New Mexico, near Albuquerque, and I have from Thursday evening to Monday morning... If anyone has any suggestions I would love to hear them. Thanks

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    Welcome to the forum! There are certainly many great beaches in the LA area, but my favorite southern California beaches are the ones at San Diego. I especially like the Silver Strand (south of Coronado). Pacific Beach and Mission Beach are also fun if you like people-watching. Another option is Rocky Point, Mexico, south of Ajo, AZ. Driving to San Diego or LA from ABQ would take about 1.5 days if you take it easy -- Rocky Point is actually a little bit closer. Bob

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    I agree with the two options, San Diego or Rocky Point (Puerto Peņasco) that Bob has laid out for you. You should be aware that they are vastly different types of beaches. Rocky Point has a shallow slope and minimal waves - it is sheltered within the Gulf of California - so that you can wade well off shore and still not be in over your head. It's basically a working (shrimping) village that is being rapidly converted to a tourist economy.

    The San Diego beaches have much steeper drop offs, larger ocean waves and swimming is not really an option. There will be lots of surfers. There is much more to do in the San Diego area than in Rocky Point, much of it free or low cost. If you go, stop at the information center off exit 22 of I-5, or the one in Balboa Park. If you just want to see pristine beach, then I'd suggest Torrey Pines north of the city.

    Whichever option you choose, it will be a significant change from Albuquerque.


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    Thanks for the suggestions, I decided to go to San Diego. I do have one more question... do have any idea on how much money would be sufficient? There are two of us going, we will be leaving on a Thursday and coming back on a Monday. Thanks

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    Default Cost is (Almost) entirely up to you.

    Well of course, your costs will depend on your particular style of travel. For some estimates, Motel 6 rooms can be had for around $75 a night.You could stay at a camp ground and spend less, or at an upscale hotel and spend a lot more. You can get a pretty good handle on fuel costs by using the Road Trip Fuel Cost Calculator and get more ideas on saving money from Bob and Gen's Art of the Cheap Road Trip. I'd count on around $100 for admissions to various things, but, again, that's largely under your control.


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    My road trip on Highway 1, from Jenner, CA to Eureka:

    The Pacific Ocean at Jenner:

    Tiny little Stillwater Cove, CA:

    From Gualala, CA:

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