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    Default Sanfrancisco - 14 Day Round Trip

    Hi there, I've been to the US a few times, mainly to Oregon on business, and am now planning to take a vacation starting and ending in Sanfrancisco.
    I would welcome any suggested routes lasting 14 days which will incorporate Las Vegas, Grand Canyon plus any other suggestions you may have. Maybe info on hotel stopovers as well if you can.
    Hoping to do this end of April/May 2006



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    Default The Coast's the Best!

    Hi Tom,
    My favorite route is Hwy 1, the California coast road. It's absolutely beautiful. I've taken the trip twice, starting in Southwest Washington, and ending in the Phoenix area. Monterey CA is a great stop, and you don't want to miss the 16-mile drive from Monterey to Carmel.

    Have fun!

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    Default Plenty of time for more

    By all means, see the Big Sur coast, Monterey, San Simeon, and check out county route G16 inland from Carmel. With 14 days you can take some time while in Las Vegas to head into southern Utah and see the national parks there, Bryce, Zion and Capitol Reef. Then finish off by returning to San Francisco by way of Death Valley, being sure to take the tour of Scotty's Castle.


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    Tom- Have you considered going to Yosemite and Sequoia parks? They are beautiful places, and sort of on your way to L.V. Another way to go would be to east from San Fran and go to Carson City and Reno, Nevada and then take highway 95 south to Las Vegas. A lot of open territory and some interesting towns like Tonopah and Goldfield. They were both mining towns in the old days and still have that "old west" feel to them. And, since they're in Nevada, they have legalized gambling. Highway 95 takes you into Las Vegas. Outside L.V. is Hoover Dam and Lake Mead. Taking highway 15 north would take you into Utah and the national parks of Bryce and Zion. Both beautiful places. I haven't been to Capitol Reef, so I can't comment on that one. Going back from Utah, you could take highway 50, called the lonliest highway in America. I took it several years ago, and it's a lot of real estate. There's also the newest national park in the U.S. called Great Basin. I haven't been to that one either, but I would like to see it. It's right off highway 50.
    Or, if you're in a hurry to get back from Utah, take interstate 80. It leaves Salt Lake City and would rush you back to Sacramento and San Francisco.
    Good luck on your planned trip.

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    Default Same Trip But No Longer Round !!

    Have done a bit more thinking on this one and decided to fly into SF and out of LasVegas (Flights are from Manchester (Great soccer teams) and via Newark.
    I figured this would be less exhausting and give us a bit more sightseeing time.
    So no plans made apart from 2 hotel nights in SF and a look round there plus a hotel night in Las Vegas. Did discover that car hire from downtown SF to LV Airport has a 100 dollar surcharge on it where Airport to Airport does not. Worth remembering!!
    So come on all you seasoned canyon travellers. Give us some advice on routes, hotels, stopovers etc and help an old limey(well not sure about that cos a Scotsman really) have a really fun holiday

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