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    Default driving from Seattle to Boise around Thanksgiving

    We're planning to travel to Boise from Seattle around Thanksgiving. Airfare seems kind of pricey for a 8 hour drive, but I am concerned about snow. I have no idea what mountain passes and elevation will be. We plan to leave around 11/22 and return 11/29. MApquest has us travelling from Yakima on I-82 and then merging onto I-84 in Pendleton Oregon until we hit I-184 in Boise. Is this the best route? What kind of terrain will there be? Should we concerned with snow. I drive a front wheel drive Saturn. Thanks in advance!

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    From Seattle, going over Snoqualmie Pass on I-90, then down through Yakima via the route you've described is definitely the shortest/quickest route.

    I would not expect much problems with snow/ice anywhere along this stretch at that time of year. Of course, this doesn't mean it can't happen. Snoqualmie Pass is the most likely place to have snow but that's a bit early for it to be much of a problem even there. If they do have snow, they will probably require you to have chains.

    If there is snow in the pass and you don't want to deal with it, you can simply drive south on I-5 to Portland and take I-84 East the rest of the way to Boise. It's a major highway, lots of traffic, and unless there is an unusual, early blizzard snow and ice shouldn't be a problem. This detour would add about 100 miles to your trip.

    That said....I always change to snow tires on Nov. 1st when the law allows it. Black ice is more of a potential danger than the ice you can see and this can happen anytime and anywhere it's cold enough and the roads have been damp. If you have good snow tires, you shouldn't have any problems at all, imho.

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    Thanks Judy!

  4. Default Winter driving

    RoadTrip America has some resources for winter driving -- for starters, check this link if you are interested and you can always get up-to-the-minute road conditions here! Bob

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