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    Default Yosemite to do's?

    Anyone have a good list.. will be there for 2 days could maybe make it 3 anyone have suggestions other then the Yosemite fall hike?

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    Here's a link to Yosemite's own website with their suggestions. I don't have much experience at Yosemite, but perhaps this will give you some ideas.

    My suggestion in general -- in any National Park, I have always found the interpretive programs, especially the ones where the ranger gets to decide the topic based on his or her own interests, to be a valuable expenditure of time.

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    If you're up for the challange, there's always the Half Dome Trail. It's a full day hike, leave at 6 am, get back around dark. If you don't want to do the full hike, you can do at least the first 3-4 miles to Vernal and Nevada Falls. The cables will probably be taken down for winter in a couple weeks, after that you will need climbing experience to reach the summit of Half Dome. I just posted a few pictures from my last trip here, toward the end of the album

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    Thanks again.. I will looked into the Hike, availablity etc based on weather conditions in November as well as the Ranger program(s). I am looking forward to this trip would like to head high up but believe the pass is closed in November. I am sure there be more then enough to do for 2.5 days in yosemite.

  5. Default Tioga maybe

    Tioga can be open into November, but will close when the snows fall. Sometimes that's a few days into the month -- so keep your options open and if you go early enough, you might luck out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moderator Bob
    Tioga can be open into November, but will close when the snows fall. Sometimes that's a few days into the month -- so keep your options open and if you go early enough, you might luck out!
    Hmm... I thought it was closed by Novemeber. I am there on Nov 3rd and will be in an SUV maybe it will be doable

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    The roads closure dates vary year by year, so it may or may not be open in November this year. If the roads are closed, they will be gated, so it doesn't help to have an SUV.

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    I am looking at a similar time frame. I am hopeful it is open so I am not booking a hotel for the nite so I can hopefully drive on through.. have my fingers crossed.. After Nov 7th closure would be great for my plans

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    Default not much!

    I've been to Yosemite last fall. The place is beautiful anytime, but things to do in fall are much less.
    Half dome hike is amazing, but probability is high that the cables are down.
    Mirror lake, Yosemite falls are mostly dry (depends!). Bridal Veil is a trickle.
    However, a view from Inspiration Point is never disappointing! If Tioga Pass is open, chances are the road to Glacier Point is also open. (I'd been there late last October, it was open then!). If weather permits and you are a hiking person, you can do a 1 way hike down to the valley from Glacier point (take the shuttle up again). And yes, the view of Half Dome from Glacier Point is everyone's favourite!!!

    With not many days left for your trip, have fun packing!
    Let us know how Yosemite is "now"!!!

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