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    I am planning on taking a road trip this November. I would ideally love to start in Portland, Oregon and then travel to San Francisco. I would love any ideas about places to stay in between and recommendations for things to do along the way. I'm from the Midwest and I'm not too familiar with the area, but I am trying to do some research. An obvious choice would be Redwood National Park, but I need your help!! Any advice that people have would be greatly appreciated.

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    Take a look at this current thread -- it is about the same area and the same attractions are good options for you as well! Happy planning!

    One of my favorite motels along this route is the Anchor Beach Inn at Crescent City CA. I stayed there a couple of years ago (last) and found it to be well run, friendly beyond the call of duty and very clean. There's a beach nearby and a walk out to the bayside where you can see the harbor. Very nice. With luck, it hasn't changed any!


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