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    Hi there, im hoping someone can help me out! Along with two friends, im hoping to drive coast to coast in March next year. I have about a million questions but i'll try and limit them to a few that i'd be very grateful if someone could answer:

    1)is there any particular route that is good? Im thinking of starting in Boston, seeing New York, then moving west, ending up in Seattle and travelling down. Its gonna be a prety long trip!

    2)Where's the best place to rent a motorhome or camper van for a one way. Pick up in the east and drop off in the west.

    3)Any other top tips to help a pretty clueless traveller?!

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    Welcome to the forum!

    1. Routes. There are tons of routes you can take across this country. They're all good yet different from each other. I would suggest taking a map, marking the cities you most want to visit, then marking anything else you'd like to see (other cities, national parks, whatever), and seeing if there's one route that jumps out as the best one for YOU and what you want to see. This page on this site (follow the link) is full of roadtrip reports from various websites where people have chronicled their travels. Reading through some of these might give you some ideas. Many of them have maps showing where they traveled.

    You might also try some mapping software/websites where you can plug in your major destinations and they will give you a suggested route. You can find them here. Check out the sections "Maps on CD, etc." and "Online Mapping" for links and reviews. Remember, these will give you suggestions. You don't have to follow their suggestions to the letter. Some of these will let you tweak your route better than others. The best feature is that they give you an idea of overall miles and the amount of time you need to schedule to travel these routes.

    2. RV Rentals. I've never done this so I can't give you any hints. This page has lots of information on traveling by RV. This subject has been discussed on these forums before so a search might bring up old threads with information to help you make a good decision.

    3. My top tip would be to spend a lot of time reading through the wealth of information on this website. The "Site Directory" and "Roadtrip Planning" links at the top of the page will lead you to many articles, links to websites, etc. that will be a big help when planning your trip. AND come back to these forums and keep asking questions. There are some very knowledgeable road-trippers that hang out here. Most often, someone will have a good answer for you.

    Remember, half the fun of a trip is in the planning. Enjoy!

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    Thanks for the help, all that info was much appreciated! We've decided we're gonna start in New York, take in Rhode Island and maybe even NIagra Falls, then move back down and jump onto old Route 66. The good ol' Mother Road! We're quite keen to do some partying on each coast, but on the mid desction, just take in some real one of kind oddities. Any suggestions? The weirder the better!!

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    Well, you're probably going to want to start in either Boston MA or RI, since you're going to have to go West from there to reach New York City. Also keep in mind that metropolitan NY is quite a distance from the Niagra Falls /Buffalo area. From Western New York you could drive Southwest into Cleveland, then West into Chicago and travel the entire distance of Route 66; or, angle toward Indianapolis and pick up Route 66 in the St. Louis area. There are alot of attractions still standing on the Mother Road and you shouldn't have much trouble finding information about them. If you're interested in somewhere in particular post up.

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