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    Default San Francisco to the Grand Canyon and back

    We are planning a trip in late October early November - arriving in San Francisco (from London, UK). We are a family of two adults and three children (12, 7 and 3) and don't want to try to do som uch that we spend all of our two week vaccation driving.
    I'm thinking of a couple of days in SF, then drive to Yosemite, then down to Las Vegas and Grand canyon, then across to the Pacific Coast and back up to SF.

    Is this too much?
    Can anyone suggest a scenic itinerary with a misture of things for kids to see and do?
    Also, any tips for nice places to stay en route?
    Finally - are there any legal requirements for the three year old - does she need a separate car seat for example?

    Thanks for any advice you can give us.

  2. Default One possible itinerary

    Day 1 -- SFO to Yosemite (188 miles)

    Day 2 and 3 at Yosemite

    Day 4 -- Drive toward Las Vegas (Yosemite to Las Vegas 422 miles) Bishop (CA) is a good place to stay enroute.

    Day 5 -- Arrive Las Vegas, remainder of day and night there.

    Day 6 -- Drive to Grand Canyon (Las Vegas to Grand Canyon 251 miles)

    Day 7 -- at Grand Canyon

    Day 8 -- Drive to San Diego (528 miles)

    Day 9 & 10 -- at San Diego (Beach, Sea World, Balboa Park, Zoo or Wild Animal Park)

    Day 11 -- Drive north past Los Angeles and onto Pacific Coast Highway (San Diego to San Francisco 567 miles)

    Day 12 -- Arrive San Francisco

    Day 13 and 14 -- at San Francisco

    Nice places to stay: I'd try to get lodging at the Grand Canyon National Park Lodges while you are there -- they are very nice and not expensive unless you choose the El Tovar Hotel, which is a masterpiece of American architecture designed by Mary Jane Colter. But the others are nice too and less pricey. In San Diego, I suggest you steer away from the "Hotel Circle" offerings -- try to find accomodations at Mission Beach or Pacific Beach, or if you still are in the mood to spend lots of dollars, spend a night or two at the Hotel Del Coronado. It's magnificent. The downtown hotels can be very nice too.

    A three year old will need to be buckled into an approved child restraint seat anytime while traveling by private automobile in the United States. Make sure you buckle the seat properly into the middle of the rear seat of your vehicle -- it is estimated that about 90% of people do not get the seat properly installed. If you are in doubt, a local police department or fire department (or hospital) can usually provide assistance. I think you should be able to get a child seat through your car rental agency. If not, you'll need to buy one.


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    Default Thank you Bob!

    Bob thank you for your quick and clear reply. Much appreciated - especialy the safety advice re the child seat. We're looking forward to the trip even more now!

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