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    Default Moving from San Diego to Boston - End of Oct.

    Hi there!
    I am going to be moving from San Diego to Boston at the end of Oct. I will be traveling alone and would love ideas on the best route, estimated cost for taking about a week to do the trip, ect... I will be driving my own car, a 2000 Jetta. Any suggestions on what needs to be done to my car before the long drive?

    Any other advice would be great too!!

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    Sorry I can't be much of help right now as I just found this website tonight as I am planning a road trip myself. Ironically, I am moving and will be driving by myself from San Diego, to Upstate New York. I am leaving mid Oct, so I am trying to route something that is fun, always flew never drove so I am looking forward to this. I was hoping to route something through Utah, and Co. When you mapquest the route seems kind of boring, so I hope to spice it up.

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    I've never been on a boring roadtrip yet. To me, boring is a state of mind. Utah does have some desolate scenery if you're traveling on I-70 but I still find it fascinating because it is different. It's very interesting to watch the changing scenery and it is sometimes stunning to see how fast it changes. At other times, the changes are gradual and the signs of upcoming changes are fun to watch for.

    As for best route to take....I'm a horrid one to answer this because I think all routes are good. It just depends on what you want to see and do. So I would suggest looking at a good map of the US and trying to decide any "must-see" places along the way, then route accordingly.

    As for what needs to be done to your car, your car already in good running condition? If so, some basic maintenance ensuring that fluids/filters are changed might be all you need to do. If you're concerned, a more extensive tune-up might be in order. It's not a bad idea to get your brakes and tires checked. Know how to check your oil and tires before you leave so you can check these on your trip. A AAA membership is a Godsend, imho. Bring a basic auto emergency kit with jack, basic tools, flashlight, extra batteries, flares or an emergency triangle or 2, a can of tire inflater in case of a flat (but there are cons with this, too, so consider whether or not you want to use this stuff), a blanket, 1st aid kit, duct tape (a zillion uses), water, non-perishable snack foods like energy/protein/granola bars, and good maps. Of course, there are other things you can bring to help ensure your safety and comfort in case of a breakdown but those are the basics.

    Costs vary so much depending on how you travel. If you stay at hotels and eat all your meals in restaurants, you could easily average $100-plus per day. If you eat most of your meals out of a cooler and stay at budget hotels, you might only spend $60-70 per day. If you add in camping a few nights, you can get your costs down even more. One of this forum's frequent contributors, Gen, does a lot of sleeping in her car at truck stops. This would cut costs considerably. I'd rather find an inexpensive campsite and put up a tent myself but I've slept in my car on a few occasions in a pinch and it's not so bad. Truck stops are open 24 hours, have nice bathrooms, have showers available, and are a safe alternative for sleeping in your car if need be.

    This site has a good tool to help you determine how much you will spend in gas for your trip here.

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