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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default Help- Need discription

    Just curious... does anyone know if a 19" Single Axle Nomad trailer would be a RV Camper style trailer or a utility trailer?

    Would appreciate some advice prior to 5:00 PM MST 9/8/05.

    Thanks much!

    Brad M.

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    Default 19 inch?

    Well I did find a 19" Nomad trailer - it's a kid's seat towed behind a bicycle.

    I also found a 19' Nomad trailer, but it's a double axle.

    Nomad is, unfortunately, a common name for such vehicles. (Remember the 50's Chevy wagons?)


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    RoadTripper Brad Guest


    Aye... I did not realize I was holding SHIFT when I hit the '/" key.

    Well, thanks for your help AZBuck

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