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    Default Help my 87 yr old Dad

    My Dad's about to make the drive from Illinois down to Florida, but he's worried he'll encounter gas shortages along the way. He's planning on driving all the way to the east coast first to bypass the problems down south. I told him it would be ok to go via Ky,Tenn and Ga. Could anyone give me some info if this route would be ok for him. Thanks much

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    My guess is that you are correct -- that through KY, TN and GA will pose no problems. Perhaps we will hear from some folks that actually live in those parts or are traveling through them right now who can provide some confirmation. Bob

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    Default Gas - From what I've heard

    The crew my tv station sent down to the disaster area says they first started running into gas shortages as they reached Mississippi. Even there they were able to get fuel, but in Jackson for example, they had to wait more than an hour.

    I suspect as long as you stay out of LA, MS, or AL, you should be able to find gas. Affording it may be another story.

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    Lets all hope Steve Forbes is right... and that the Oil Bubble will burst by the end of the year bringing $25-$30/barrel for crude oil!

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