I am planning on travelling across the United States next year. I will be arriving in San Fransisco about the end of February and then my only requirement is to fly out of New York 2 months later.

I pretty much want to experince as much of the States as I possibly can, but by doing it leisurly and cheaply. I am going out there by myself but I would love to meet up with people along the way or even for people to join me on my trip. That would obviously be great as all the costs would be splitt.

If anybody is planning on doing the same thing then let me know.

I want to buy a car and drive across or go by bus or train. I am so flexible with this trip it is unbelievable!

I am 22 years old, have just graduated from univerisity in the UK and I am embarking on a year long travel extraveganza. I am out going and sociable and would love to take in night lfe and scenery too!