Vehicle: 2003 Volkswagen Jetta Wagon GLS TDI
Passengers: 1
Length of Trip: ~4 days
States traveled: MA, CT, NY, NJ, PA, MD, WV, KY, OH
Miles covered: 2270

Avg. MPG: 48.23
Best MPG: 52.03
Worst MPG: 44.44
Most Expensive Fuel: Sunoco, Kylertown, PA $2.899/gal
Least Expensive Fuel: Chevron, Morehead, KY $2.459/gal

Lodging: $111.44
Food: $83.17
Fuel: $96.38
Other: $66.03
Fun: $7.50
Total Trip Cost: $364.52
"Mail Pouch" Tobacco Barns: 3
"Kentucky Club" Barns: 0

The breakdown of costs:

Lodging 30.57%
Food 23.64%
Fuel 26.44%
Other 17.29%
Fun 2.06% <--costwise, thrifty; but I can't measure how much fun I actually had!

Lodging on top (again) - I only had lodging two nights of the four, and I'm surprised by the food cost, as I really didn't eat that much!