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    jimmyrimmy Guest

    Default Road trip in the US

    Hi everyone

    I'm spending a week in the US in October and I'm planning on taking a road trip. I really want to see New York, Boston, Washington DC, Florida, Los Angeles, Seattle, the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone park.

    Currently my schedule allows for one day per place, and I'm going to be driving between them. Does anyone have any suggestions on good places to stay or see? Apart from the Statute of Liberty, which is obvious ;-)

    I haven't checked the distances involved, so does this seem reasonable? It's not just me driving, thankfully, I'm going to be with a friend, so we don't mind doing fairly long distances. It should be a lot of fun!!!!



  2. Default Reality Check

    You have 7 days total for the trip? And you want to spend a day each in 8 different places and also fit in the driving between them? This is close to 18 days driving time alone, plus 8 days for the visits -- 26 days. You couldn't do this in a week with an AIRPLANE. Sorry... but back to the drawing board for you! :) Bob

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    I agree with Bob. No way. This is a pretty big place. To drive to all these locations would require driving almost 6900 miles. This is a minimum of about 117 hours driving time. That doesn't include fuel stops, rest stops, sleeping, eating, or sightseeing. Just driving. (117 hours/24 hours = 4.9 days of just sleeping or anything else).

    New York to Boston: About 217 miles. This is probably about 4-5 hours to drive so you could make this in a day. I've never driven in the Northeastern part of the country but I know that traffic is thick here so this drive may take a bit longer due to congestion.

    Boston to WA DC: About 436 miles. This is a long day's drive, about 8 hours. Again, this is an area with lots of traffic convestion so it may very well take more than 8 hours to drive.

    WA DC to Miami, FL (You didn't say where in Florida so I took a guess): About 1057. You would need to plan for two long driving days to cover this distance. You wouldn't have time for too much sightseeing along the way. this is where the size of this country will really become evident to you.

    Miami to Grand Canyon: About 2490 miles. Easily about 45-50 hours of just driving. I would suggest a minimum of 4 days, preferably 5, to make this drive. And this still wouldn't leave much time for any sightseeing or exploring along the way.

    Grand Canyon to Yellowstone: About 735 miles. I would suggest 2 days for this drive.

    Yellowstone to Seattle: About 805 miles. Again, about 2 days driving.

    Seattle to Los Angeles: About 1140 miles. Again, you would need to long driving days to do this.

    If you add up all the days driving between the locations, it comes to 14 days minimum on the road. But this doesn't include any time to explore the different stops. Even if you just allowed for one day at each location, you're looking at a minimum of 22 days. I suggest that you decide what part of the USA you really want to see the most and focus on exploring that area. Either that, or extend your time here.

    Maybe if you come back and tell us what you want to do and see the most, we can help you plan an itinerary that would work within your time and budget?

    Also, check out International Visitors page here for some information that you might find valuable. You can also get ideas for different routes that might work for you from the links on this page.

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    politigal75 Guest


    I have to concur that for the time you have you really are going to want to pick one area and stick with it. I think your best bet would be to fly someplace like New York, then stick to historic sites around there. You could catch Boston, Washington DC and New York in the time you have alloted. States are small and you can visit more places in less time. California is really far away and you can't see a lot of it in week, much less a few days. I live here and it's almost a days drive from north to south.

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    jimmyrimmy Guest


    Thanks for the prompt and helpful answer, Moderator Bob. Great nick, by the way!!!

    So you don't think my route is optimal? :-(

    I only have a week...but I want to see everything! Maybe me and my friend could drive through the night (sleeping alternately) and that would allow us to see more?

    Also, what are the speed limits like in the US? I was planning on renting a fast sports car and maybe averaging 120-180 mph. Here in Germany our major roads have no speed limit and I've been on a trip averaging 150mph. If achieving this would involve a little bit of speeding, would it really matter? They can't take my license away after all - what's the worst they can do? ;-)
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    Default Having fun?

    I'm assuming since you've listed 8 places you want to spend a day each at over a 7 day trip, and since you've gone from planning a 3 week trip as a Brit to a 1 week trip as a German, you're trying to have a little fun here.

    So my advice, go for it! If you manage not to kill yourself or someone else in the process, you'll get to spend a little extra time in our country getting a good close look at our legal system.

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    jimmyrimmy Guest


    imported_Midwesterner: "I're trying to have a little fun here"

    What scandalous lies are these?? I'm a genuine down-to-earth Brit, in Germany at the mo and looking for an exciting but fast-paced holiday. If you don't give me some good tour tips, I'm gonna come invade your country like a real German! ;-)

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    Default Guaranteed Lodging Option

    Quote Originally Posted by jimmyrimmy
    I was planning on renting a fast sports car and maybe averaging 120-180 mph. Here in Germany our major roads have no speed limit and I've been on a trip averaging 150mph. If achieving this would involve a little bit of speeding, would it really matter? They can't take my license away after all - what's the worst they can do? ;-)
    That would be the least of your problems -- I can just about guarantee that if you are stopped and clocked at 120 mph you will find yourself being a guest of the Federal/state penal system. They will lock you up and then kick you out of the country.


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    Ha! That post title made me laugh!

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    Default Really!!!

    Everyone else has answered legitimately & logically. Just had to add my two cents worth.

    You cannot do this in 7 days. Look at an atlas. Put a cutout of Germany or even England overtop of any section of the USA. That will give you an idea of the enormous size of the good ol' U.S. of A. Speed limits are often at best 70 mph. Through the national parks you mention and cities, speed limits are 30 mph to about 50 mph & you literally cannot (no matter what size of engine) go faster -- either due to traffic congestion or twisty windy mountainous or rough road surfaces.

    Why not focus on one area? Head to the east OR the west. If you want the New York City area, you could also see Washington D.C. If you want the west, fly into Las Vegas & see Grand Canyon, Zion, and Bryce national parks & hit the casinos in Vegas ;-)

    Have fun planning. I hope you enjoy your trip no matter where you go.

    Sports car rentals (that go the type of speeds you are talking about) are few & far between & very expensive.

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