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    Default Las Vegas - NYC this september


    We are two scandinavian women who are planning our first road trip from Las Vegas to NYC. We have bit over two weeks to make the drive (one-way). We have planned a rough schedule and route that we would be doing (Las Vegas, Phoneix, El Paso, San Antonio, Houston, New Orleans, Memphis, Atlanta, Savannah, Wilmington, Washington DC, NYC). We would be happy to hear suggestions of routes, scenic ways, historical landmarks and attractions on the way. We would love to see smaller places in addition/instead of the big cities. We like to see national parks and monuments, but wouldn't be doing any major hiking. We both enjoy night life and shopping. I've been browsing several webpages, but the amount of information is exhausting, so it would be nice to hear from somebody who has done something similar too.


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    Welcome to the forum!

    The first place any international traveler should go for info is the International Section of this website. There's lots of good stuff there that you should be aware of.

    I plugged your itinerary into MS Streets & Trips and it says that your right will be about 3765 miles and 62 hours of driving.

    In the Las Vegas area, try to find time to explore the Grand Canyon, a wonder that's not to be missed! If you have time, also Bryce Canyon and Zion.

    On your way to Phoenix, check out Hoover Dam.

    From Phoenix to El Paso, check out Saguaro National Park, and make a detour to Tombstone to enjoy a re-creation of the infamous Gunfight at OK Corral between the Earps and the Clantons and see the other establishments (like The Birdcage) that still exist. It's worth it to go a bit off-track as well to see the Trinity Site (where the first atomic bomb was tested) and White Sands National Monument. Both are a bit east of La Cruces, NM.

    El Paso to San Antonio: You might want to dip down to Big Bend National Park. Many posters here have commented on the beauty of this place.

    San Antonio: The Alamo and, if you like rides, 6 Flags.

    I'm not familiar enough with the rest of your route to give you any suggestions for the eastern portion. I'm sure someone will jump in with suggestions.

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    Hi Judy,

    thank you for the suggestions. We had planned to go to grand canyon and Alamo, but rest of the places were great suggestions. that reenactment sounds really fun.

    thanks, Paivi

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    Default to carry on eastward

    I'll jump in where Judy left off... with just a few more suggestions

    I heartily agree to try to see ZION & BRYCE CANYON national parks. Two of my favourites (southern Utah - on the north side of Grand Canyon)

    San Antonio - the famous "riverwalk" is very nice for lunch & a stroll.

    In New Orleans area - take a swamp tour!!! Great fun / very informative. I prefer a regular boat to an "airboat" - quieter - can hear the guide talking.
    Between Baton Rouge & New Orleans are many historic plantations & mansions. Take a drive and take the tour of one or two of them. You can find all about various ones on the internet.

    You could spend several days in Washington DC. The Smithsonian museums alone take several days just to quickly walk through. All are free admissions. If you don't have too long - walk "the mall" to see the Capitol and the White House, and various monuments and memorials. See the air & space Smithsonian museum and the natural history Smithsonian museum.

    In New York City, I highly recommend "New York Party Shuttle" for a 1/2 day guided tour.

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    Default Swedish History

    Since you are Swedish and interested in history, may I recommend...

    The history of Sweden in America is largely the history of Swedes in Delaware. If you are going to be travelling from Washington, DC to New York City, then you are going to be driving right by the site of the original Swedish colony in the New World. While it is true that not much survives from the 17th century, you should stop to see Old Swedes Church and the reproduction of the Kalmar Nyckel in Wilmington, DE.

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    Great, thank you. We'll definitely include the swamp tour. We'll keep zion and bryce in mind, but it seems that they are going bit to different direction than we are heading. We have been checking on different bus tours in NYC. Would you say that is the best one? Are Carlsbad cavern's worth seeing? Any recommendations for horse rental places that would take a tour in a beautiful scenery? thanks again :)

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    wow.. that's interesting about swedish history. a great stop. thanks :)

  8. Default New Orleans area plantations

    Here's a copy of a post from another thread with information about some of the plantations that can be toured in Louisiana:

    ...links to Louisiana plantations that were recommended to me by a friend who is a New Orleans, Louisiana native (she's visited all three):

    Nottoway Plantation

    Destrehan Plantation

    Oak Alley Plantation

    Also, St Francisville is a "cute little historical town," and reportedly worth a visit! (I've provided a couple of links.)

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