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    any suggestions for driving from southern california to orlando florida. It's a one way trip for me and my 2 small dogs...

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    Quote Originally Posted by sorella
    any suggestions for driving from southern california to orlando florida. It's a one way trip for me and my 2 small dogs...
    Welcome to the Forum! Megan and I both take at least 2-3 solo trips each year -- they are great for clearing out the cobwebs and refreshing the soul. Sounds like you might be moving to Orlando? Once you get there, you may be surprised by the choices for good grub in the area. Here is one resource guide for finding them. If you can limit your on-the-road travel time to 5-6 hours and get plenty of rest. Other tips are on the bottom of this page.

    Even though you may not be planning on making this trip a "speed run", I would still suggest reading Judy Carter's "The Art of the Speed Run" because of the excellent tips for stretching excercises and tips for staying awake.

    Mostly, have fun and relax.


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    Be sure to bring plenty of food and water for you and your small friends. Make sure they got enough fresh air wherever you put them in the car. More and more motels are pet friendly, I know the motel 6 chain is, I stayed at their motels with my road cat very often. Try not to leave your pets unattended in the vehicle for too long, try to find some shade and leave the windows slightly opened.

    Solo driving is okay as long as you go at your own pace and don't push it too much. Don't cut on your sleeping hours to drive a few more miles, you won't enjoy it and you'll be more likely to have accidents. Stop often in rest areas, drink something fresh, stretch your legs, walk for a while with your dogs...

    I'm sure you already guessed that the fastest road will probably be I-10...

    Drive safe!

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