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    Default Road trip Washington DC-Chicago

    I am planning for a roadtrip from outskirts of DC (Gaithersburg)to Chicago.
    I was wondering if there were any places in PA or Ohio which were worth stopping for a few hours.The total time estimate is about 11 hrs.I want to spend not more than an hr or two at one of such stops.
    Let me know if anyone here has suggestions??


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    Default Half Way

    Well, it sounds like you're planning to make this trip in a single day and are looking for an R&R stop about midway to recharge you're batteries. If that's the case, then the clear winner, I think, is Cuyahoga Valley National Park outside Cleveland. It's about at the midpoint of your trip, is easily accessible from the Ohio Turnpike, and has a number of activities available including some scenic hiking trails that can be done in an hour or so.

    Hope this fits your bill


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    Thanks AZBuck for that suggestion.But somehow I have seen enough of state parks in the VA -Md area,I was thinking more of say lakes or maybe just a town or place...
    But if nothing else then I guess this is not a bad stop...

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    Default No problem...

    It's your trip and your call. If you're looking for lakes and towns, then I'd suggest the Sandusky area, which is where the locals vacation and, again, is not that hard to get to from the turnpike.

    Enjoy your trip wherever (or even if) you stop.


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