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    StuB Guest

    Default California\Nevada trip

    Hi Guys,

    We're going to visit California for about 2 weeks for a holiday arriving mid September.

    We definately want to go to the following places.

    San Francisco
    Las Vegas

    We're also interested in seeing the following places if possible

    Lake Tahoe (perhaps Reno too)
    Part of the pacific coast

    What we're after is a possible route that's both enjoyable and doesn't have us driving all of the time and which destinations are plausible to include in a 2 week break and can be combined with interesting places in between.

    Now we're hoping to sort flights out in the next day or so and our choices are:-

    fly into and out of Las Vegas


    fly into San Francisco or LA and out of San Francisco or LA

    It's not possible to combine Las Vegas with one of the others.

    Also it may help to know that a few years ago we spent about 2.5 weeks in California visiting San Diego, Phoenix, Williams, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas Death Valley and a short stay in LA. Other than Las Vegas and a better look at LA we're not too bothered about revisiting any of these places (would love to but due to time we'd like to see other places)

    I look forward to the responses.



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    StuB Guest


    Due to the special offer flight availability our plans are now a bit more tied down which may help people trying to give us advice.

    We have gone ahead and booked our flights. We are flying into San Francisco on a Friday and out of LA 2 weeks later.



  3. Default A suggested route

    I make no claim whether this is the most efficient or best route, but it is one I like, and I've seen many of these roads before. Of course, that's not to say there aren't better ones, so suggestions for modifications are welcome!

    From SFO, go north on SR1 and US101 to Crescent City, California. Take US199 to Grant's Pass, OR (Redwoods along the way). Take I-5 south past Lake Shasta to SR89, and follow that to Lassen Volcanic National Park. Take SR36 over to Susanville and pick up US395 south to Reno (nice little city). Visit Virginia City (old west history) and Carson City, then make the loop around Lake Tahoe.

    Take US395 south to SR108, that west to SR49 (1849 Gold Rush Country), and SR49 south to SR140 and into Yosemite.

    Leaving Yosemite, take SR120 over Tioga Pass to US395 (a must), and that south through Bishop to Big Pine and SR168. Follow that across Westgard Pass to SR266, that to Lida Jct, NV. Then US95 south to Las Vegas. Alternatively, you could go further south and go across to Las Vegas through Death Valley (but I recommend the first route since you've seen Death Valley before and Westgard Pass is pretty spectacular -- a neat drive.

    After Las Vegas, make a quick run down I-15 to Los Angeles.

    The driving can be done in 5.5 days, with plenty of rest stops and lunch each day -- so that leaves you plenty of additional time for sightseeing and moseying.

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    2 weeks seems like ample time to me.

    You could drive from San Francisco to Yosemite, then on up to Tahoe, Reno is just a short drive from there, then to Las Vegas, then back through Barstow and Bakersfield up to Salinas, then down the coast from there to LA.

    This would be about 1800 miles and about 36 hours driving time (give or take a bit depending on traffic). This only averages out to about 2.5 hours/day to drive. So you would have plenty of time to stay in one spot for a day or 2 and explore before going onto your next stop.

    This should give you plenty of time to explore along the way. I would highly recommend checking out Hearst's Castle in San Simeon along the coast.

    If there's something more specific we can help you with, let us know. Have a great trip!

    ETA: I posted this before reading Bob's excellent advice. While his route adds a few miles to your trip from what I posted above, it's a great route and will take you through some wonderful scenery and worth doing that way. Your driving time will still be fairly small and very do-able for a 2 week trip.

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    StuB Guest


    Bob, Judy,

    Thanks a lot, that's exactly the kind of info we're looking for.

    It's good to hear that we should easily be able to fit in everything we are looking at.

    The plan is to punch the details given into some routing software/site (any recommendations?) to see exactly where it goes. We should then be able to see more clearly what we go near and then we'll be back to ask some more advice as to specifics of things to do and see.

    I notice Bob mentioned 'Lassen Volcanic National Park'. Does anyone know anymore about this place? (I've been a bit lazy and haven't Googled it yet)

    Thanks and keep the advice coming.



  6. Default Links for Lassen and software

    Lassen Park is a high altitude park -- it opens late and closes early each season, usually. It's well worth your time -- a showcase of western rim volcanic activity mixed with alpine terrain. Here's a link to the NPS official site.

    We have reviews of mapping software and maps here on RTA -- check them out here.

    Also, check out Megan and Mark's journal entries for the areas you'll be passing through -- you'll find some great ideas there as well.


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    StuB Guest


    Thanks again Bob.

    I'll do a bit of research on the suggestions made



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