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    Hi all--

    Hubby and I are going next week to Savannah then on to Ft. lauderdale.
    we are thinking of taking 77 b/c it is shorter, but someone also mentioned going on 95??? So would we take 80 to 95? What is the FASTEST way to do this trip? I know 75 is more scenic, but we are looking to get to Savannah quickly. Where would you recommend stopping for the night before Savannah? Is South of the Border anywhere near where we are going? My hubby wants to see "it" since he's never been. Sorry I'm terrible with directions!

  2. Default I'd use I-77 and...

    Fastest route (including South of the Border) is I-77 down to about Winston Salem, then cut across on I-40 to I-73, south on that and onto US220. South of Rockingham, take US74 east to US501 and that roughly follows the NC/SC border down to I-95. South of the Border is immediately south of the SC/NC border on I-95.

    An alternative would be to take I-40 from Winston Salem across and pick up I-95 from that, but that would be my own second choice. It may not be any slower though, as you'll nearly always make much better time on an interstate route.

    I'd split this into 3 days, with two overnight stops (is that what you had in mind?). Make your first one around Mount Airy or Greensboro, and the second at Savannah.

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