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    Default Our roadtrip begins in L.A. - Should we book a hotel for one or two nights?

    It's obviously down to personal choice, but I need some guidance here!

    After 4 nights in NYC we will touch down in L.A. at 19:55 on a Sunday night. I have booked a convertible for collection at the airport.

    Our road trip officially starts here and will last 11 days (LA - Santa Maria - San Francisco - Yosemite National Park - Death Valley - Vegas - Grand Canyon - Meteor Crater - Phoenix)

    I have driven through LA before and we decided not to stop the night. I'd much rather we hit the road on the Monday, cruise Hollywood and Beverley Hills (any other suggestions?) and hit the road for Santa Maria.

    Am I making a mistake by not staying in this city for more than about 18 hours or would you guys do the same?

    Also, has anyone got any suggestions for an average priced hotel/motel in LA which is not too far from the airport but not too far from where we'll want to be for our speedy tour in the morning?

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    Steve237 Guest

    Default Second thoughts...

    I'm now starting to wonder whether we should spend an extra night in LA and just one night in San Francisco instead of the planned two.....

    Hope to get some opinions :)

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    If it was me I would head up the coast and get out of LA asap. Lots of places to visit up PCH. Pick the car up do a quick drive thru and move out. Santa Barbara is a nice stop on the way to Santa Maria.
    LA is very busy lots of traffic.

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    Default Can't have it all...

    Quote Originally Posted by Steve237
    It's obviously down to personal choice, but I need some guidance here!
    Thousands of international & domestic visitors choose to spend a couple of weeks in LA as their sole destination. If you are really looking to see what Los Angeles has to offer -- 18 hours is a bit minimalist at best. Some of the world's finest art can be found in galleries there -- the Getty Museum in Malibu comes to mind, but the focus of the rest of your trip suggests that you should, in fact, get on the highway so you can spend more time "out there."

    As far as spending time in LA vs San Francisco -- they are both cities, full of energy and beauty -- San Francisco might have a slight advantage because of its relatively small size, it is easier to get around and see stuff -- so, given the choice I would opt for the San Francisco bay area.


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