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    davidstpaul Guest

    Default Las Vegas to Sedona to Tucson

    Late October we are flying to Las Vegas from the UK. We have three nights booked in Vegas . I have arranged a Cherokee Jeep and will pick this up on the fourth day. We will then be driving to Sedona and staying for 2 nights. We have also planned the full Grand Canyon Adventure with Sky Treks in Sedona. From Sedona we will be driving down to Tucson and leaving the Jeep at Tucson Airport. We will be meeting some friends here who have a vacation home in Green Valley. We will staying here and also going to Rocky Point in Mexico for three nights. We will then fly back to the UK from Tucson.

    Does this sound like a good trip?? What will the driving be like from Vegas to Sedona and likewise Sedona to Tucson?? We would appreciate any comments anyone has along with any advice for the trip.
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    I've never heard of Sky Trek but checked out their website. Wow! Sounds very exciting. I think your trip sounds great! I'm envying you a bit right now.

    The drive from Vegas to Sedona is a nice drive. You see Hoover Dam on the way. If I recall correctly, 93 is a 2-lane road most of the route and well-maintained. Most of the drive is on I-40, a multi-lane highway. It is roughly 285 miles. Plan 5 hours driving (not including stops) to get there.

    Sedona to Tucson is all multi-lane highway driving. I don't think you'll run into any trouble on any of these routes. About 230 miles. About 4 hours to drive providing you don't run into any traffic problems while going through Phoenix.

    I'm sure one of the folks here who lives down there and who have traveled those roads more often than I have will weigh in with more specifics.

    I think you've planned yourself a great vacation.

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    Default Us-93

    Quote Originally Posted by Judy
    If I recall correctly, 93 is a 2-lane road most of the route and well-maintained.
    US-93 between Willow Beach turn-off and I-40 was completely re-built in the last couple of years and is a four-lane highway. Be sure to look at the desert landscaping along the highway. You will never see this level of landscaping anywhere else in the country for a rural drive!


  4. Default Spectacular roads

    You'll find these highways spectacular -- rugged western USA mountain terrain, high deserts, endless horizons. I don't know what kind of style you like in accommodations, or perhaps you already have those booked -- but if you prefer "rustic" over a crowded tourist arts district and shopping frenzy -- then in the Sedona area you might consider staying in some of the cabins a few miles up Oak Creek Canyon from town. A couple of them that I'm sure you could find on the web are Don Hoel's Cabins, or Junipine Cabins. These have been area "standards" for probably 50 years at least, and they offer a little more quiet and seclusion than you'll find in town. Oak Creek runs right past your door practically -- and is stocked regularly with feisty little rainbow trout. Depends on what you like, I guess! Buen viaje!

  5. Default Two Route Choices

    Here are two possibilities for routes -- the first is for speed, the second is the "back roads." I recommend the back road route if you have time, but both are spectacular and you'll enjoy either one. The quick route is 516 miles and a total of 9 driving hours. The back road route is 658 miles, and will take you two 8 hour driving days.

    You'll have time to spend an hour in Jerome as well, so you could try the Haunted Hamburger for lunch. For dinner, not too far from Sedona at Cornville, AZ, the Manzanita Inn is highly recommended for dinner -- or if you want to stay in town, Shugrue's Hillside Grill is one of Arizona's finest.

    Fast Route:

    Take US93 south across Hoover Dam to Kingman.

    Follow I-40 to Flagstaff, AZ.

    Take I-17 south for just a few miles. Take SR89A from I-17 just south of Flagstaff, down through Oak Creek Canyon to Sedona.

    From Sedona, take SR179 south to I-17, take I-17 through Phoenix to I-10, and I-10 east to Tucson.

    You can get to the Tucson Airport from either I-10 or I-19 (which you'll pass enroute). Just follow the signs.

    The back-road route:

    Take US93 south to Kingman.

    In Kingman, take I-40 east, then get off at Exit 53 & take SR66 east through Peach Springs to Seligman, AZ.

    At Seligman, get back on I-40 eastbound, and follow that to the junction of US89 at Ash Fork.

    Take US89 south to the junction of SR89A (past the town of Chino Valley and the Prescott Airport) -- then take a left onto SR89A north to Jerome. This is a mountain road.

    Stay on 89A through Cottonwood to Sedona (but be SURE to stop and look around in Jerome).

    If you are staying at the cabins I recommended, you'll bear to your left (at the junction of SR179) and stay on SR89A as it heads up Oak Creek Canyon toward Flagstaff.

    After your stay:

    Take SR89A north to Flagstaff.

    As you approach Flagstaff, BEFORE you pass under I-40, you'll make a right turn onto Lake Mary Road. This is also SR487.

    Follow this road all the way to SR87 where it ends, and turn right onto SR87 to Payson.

    Stay on SR87 south from Payson, through the "town" of Rye (Creek) and turn left onto SR188.

    Follow SR188 all the way to Globe, AZ, and turn left (east) at the end onto US60.

    When US60 and US70 split (after mile or two), follow US70 (toward Safford).

    Outside of Globe, turn right onto SR77 and follow that to Tucson.

    Once in Tucson, turn right onto Ina Road.

    Follow Ina Road to I-10, and take I-10 south (left turn after you pass under the I-10 overpass).

    Take I-10 to the airport exit (or I-19).

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    World'sBiggestChicken Guest


    While in Sedona, try taking a jeep tour:

    You see some absolutely gorgeous scenery and the trips are full of fun information.

    Bring your bathing suits and check out Slide Rock in Oak Creek Canyon.

    Have fun!

  7. Default Bathing suit?

    As a long-time Arizonan who practically grew up in Oak Creek Canyon, I'd NOT advise wearing a bathing suit on Slide Rock! I can't tell you how many pairs of heavy denim cut-offs I ruined in mere minutes on Slide Rock! :)

    (Wear something more substantial!)

    Another fun thing to do in that area is patrol along the creek banks for blackberries -- they grow wild there. The locals will pick them almost instantly, so you have to be johnny-on-the-spot when they ripen -- but if your timing is right, Mmmm. Just watch out for the poison oak/poison ivy type plants. You'll find some of those around there too.

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    Default Check local Fire Restrictions

    Quote Originally Posted by World'sBiggestChicken
    While in Sedona, Bring your bathing suits and check out Slide Rock in Oak Creek Canyon.
    I am not sure that Oak Creek Canyon is even open now. Wildfires are a serious issue in the Wests this year and I know, from time to time, the local authorities will close Oak Creek Canyon to entry. But it is still beautiful to see from a distance.


  9. Default No closure

    At the moment, Oak Creek Canyon is open and there are no immediate threats that could cause a closure. There are campfire restrictions in effect because things are very dry in the Southwest right now. But the nearest fire is 50 miles away to the east and is almost controlled, at this point.

    I confirmed this information with the Chamber of Commerce in Sedona, so it is current. Bob

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    davidstpaul Guest


    Thanks Bob

    I think we will probably do the shorter route as we are on a bit of a tight schedule.

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