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    Me and my friends are going to be going on a senior road trip next summer we are trying to figure out cost and your website has really helped.. we dont mind camping in fact we are looking forward to it. But we also understand that there might not be campsites every place we go... so i was wondering if it was illegal to just pull over to the side of the road and have a rest?? thanks!

  2. Default Yes and no.

    It depends on where you're at -- and how far off the road you mean.

    On a controlled access highway (an interstate or an urban freeway, for example), it is illegal to stop ANYWHERE on the right-of-way. This includes beside access roads, off ramps/on ramps, etc. If you stop in any of these places, you will draw the attention of the law enforcement folks if there are any around -- and they will ask you firmly and politely to "move on."

    On other state or federal roads, county roads, etc, if there is a cleared area beside a road, you might get away with napping there for a short time -- or maybe not. It's not that great an idea, although people get away with it.

    For another idea on a perhaps better place to grab a few winks, check out Gen's advice in RTA's article The Art of the Cheap Road Trip. Bob

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