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    Default Your expert help needed.

    Hi Everyone.

    I'm currently planning a road trip for a month and if you can help me I'd be really grateful.

    Coming from England I have limited knowledge of the roads and routes so any advice or info for my trip would be great.

    So the plan is (and maybe I'm crazy) :

    San Franciso to Lake Tahoe South (1 day travelling)

    Then east through Utah on US-50 then onto I-70 and US-666 through Mesa Verde all the way down to Santa Fe and Alburquerque (8-9 days travelling)

    From Alburquerque, west to Flagstaff and G.Canyon. (2-3 days travelling)

    From Arizona through to Las Vegas (1-2 days)

    From Vegas to San Diego and the costal route all the way back up to San Fran. (9 days)

    I'm a bit worried about the long trek to New Mexico but am hoping to take in the great Utah countryside and as much of the National Parks as possible.

    If you're still with me here - what do you think?

    Is this a reasonable route?

    Look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best


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    Default Road Trip for a month

    Quote Originally Posted by SharkTrager
    I'm currently planning a road trip for a month
    The basic schedule seems very reasonable and doable -- except we are not sure when this trip is being planned for? What time of year?


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    Default When?

    Hi there,

    We're traveling throughout the whole of August if that's any help.



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