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  1. Default California to Florida

    I am taking my family of 5 to florida for a summer vacation, like the Grizzwalls, only to Disneyworld instead. We are driving and want to know any back roads that might be quicker. I know the I-10 is the easiest, but we're gonna put ourselves out there and are willing to take side roads if they can get us there quicker.
    Anyone and everyone is welcome to chime in. We have three weeks til launch off so please, HELP!!
    I will be keeping all receipts and taking good notes so we can report when we get back. It will be pretty much a stop for hotels and food only kinda run. Hope to hear from you all soon.

  2. Default I-10

    Sounds like what you want is speed -- in that case I-10 is the best choice. Even when you can save distance by taking federal highways, they almost never save time over an available and direct interstate route, because of the higher average speeds possible on the interstate. Bob

  3. Default Questions...

    I can't think of any side roads that will get you there quicker.

    You say you leave in 3 weeks. How long are you taking for this trip? Are you starting from N. California or S. California? Do you need some ideas of things to see on the way there or on the way back? How old are your children?


  4. Default

    Speed is always a good thing.
    I have my incredible wife (30), my bookworm boy (8), the fiesty one (5), and my little princess (2).
    We have reservations with my time share near Kissimmee, FL. We live in SoCal. We want to get there in 2 1/2 days. So if we left on a Thursday, say 0400, we want to get to FL on Saturday 1600 or so with two overnight stops. We will be there for one week.
    The trip back will be different, we will stop and see my brother in Fort Worth and we will probably take a full 4 days.
    We have movies to see and a playstation2 and a portable potty (emergency use only, though I think we will have a lot of those).

    All right, if there are a couple things that we can stop by and see in a few minutes or less than an hour, I will stop the train, drop the anchor, defuse the chargers and disenbark, unload and exit our vessel. So places of interest are an option.

    Thanks for your comments thus far and please keep them coming.

  5. Default Divorce may be in your future!

    Please do not attempt to do this in 3 driving days with a wife and three kids in the car. From LA, it's a shade under 2600 miles to Kissimmee -- and from 42 to 50 hours of driving. You're talking 13 -16 hour days in the car. If you were by yourself, I'd say give it a try, but you are going to make your family miserable just TRYING to do this. Just my opinion. Bob

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    Default Please, No

    I consider myself an iron-bottomed driver, but my personal best is just over a thousand miles in 26 hours of continuous solo driving. You are proposing to do that, do it again without a break, and then do half of it yet again, all while trying to keep three young children motionless and entertained. There will be no time for overnight stops if you truly plan to get from SoCal at 0400 Thursday to Kissimmee at 1600 Saturday. I believe your chances of pulling this off are, as they say, slim to none. Even a "full 4 days" is precious little to try this and still maintain family harmony. Please reconsider.


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    C'mon, you guys are supposed to be supporting me!!!!

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    Default The Voice of Experience or The Wish?

    Quote Originally Posted by amukia
    C'mon, you guys are supposed to be supporting me!!!!
    Hey we know of what we speak. Speed is rarely enjoyed by more than one person (a solo driver) at a time. I add my voice to the chorus -- this is a unwise idea!


  9. Default

    We are, buddy, we are! This would be a nightmare. Given your circumstances, this would be a tough journey even planned over FIVE days. Bob

  10. Default

    OK, you have swayed me!!!
    I will submit to an extra full day of driving, so we will leave on Wednesday about 0600 and plan to arrive on Saturday about 1600!!!.
    AAA trip tik and mapuest as well as my GPS say it's 38 hours, 2,400 miles. @ 60 MPH it is 40 hours of driving. So, 3 full days at 12 hours on the road every day leaves me only 4 hours on the last day. According to a past forum, 55 to 60 MPH is the average.
    So, does this make sense to everyone?

    I am curious, anyone with a family of my size done this kind of crazy, adventurous,stupid thing? I am curious about how many stops and rest you had to take?
    We have a large SUV and am wondering, doesn't this help stay on the road longer?

    Anyhow, I really do appreciate everyones comments and concerns and suggestions, please know I have tuff skin and can take a good knock over the head if that's what I need, (Though I never really knew my father and did loose a favorite cat, oh and I lost my favorite whistle, but I'm OK).
    Thanks guys and gals

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