I believe all states double traffic fines in construction areas, not just California. At least I know I've seen it in numerous states I've been in.

As for speeding....I can't help myself. If I'm on a good road, with virtually no traffic, I can't help but go for wingtime. (Wingtime = my car has a spoiler that automatically comes up at 93mph). I just try to use good judgement. If there's no markings on the road for air patrol, I will take my chances for short spurts. On roads with little traffic, I figure the odds are greater that there won't be any speed traps or lurking patrols. So far, except for that Nevada incident, this has served me well.

When cruising on a busy highway, I often try to get in a pack of fast-moving cars and go with 'em. I agree that being in the middle can work good. But I actually prefer this option: I will lag behind them maybe 10-15 car lengths. I figure that most cops will be hidden up ahead somewhere so I hope that they will take off after the first cars and, therefore, I will see 'em pull out ahead of me and know to slow down.

I think a few of the main things I would suggest in order to speed relatively safely are: (1) make sure your car is up to it, especially tires; (2) only do it if the roads are dry and visibility is clear; and (3) no weaving in traffic. If you have to change lanes a lot, you are definitely increasing your changes of getting a ticket AND of causing an accident. Only do it if you can cruise along in the left lane without having to change lanes much, if at all. Caveat: Only stay in the left lane if you aren't blocking speedier traffic behind you. If someone comes up going faster than you, you need to make sure you get out of their way.

Have fun!