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    Default Road Trip from Philadelphia to Atlanta early July 2005

    Hello All,
    I'm planning on taking an extended weekend trip in early July to Atlanta from Philadelphia. I want to head thru eastern Tennessee if possible. Any suggestions as to where I should stop along the way? I was going to head south on I-95 and eventually turn off west on I-85 in North Carolina and just continue west on Route 421 until I reach Boone, NC and then head further west on route 194 into Johnson City, TN then onto Route 11E west towards I-81 south then I-40 and finally I-75 into will take me a little longer than a regular route but I think it might be worth it. Any ideas as to what to see while I'm driving down there?

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    If you come into Georgia on US 23, stop by Tallulah Gorge state park. Its a huge valley that the road goes right over on a dam.

  3. Default I'd take I-81!

    I have made this trip a dozen times. I go from Philadelphia via Baltimore to Frederick, and then down 15 over to I-81 to take the mountain route home via Chattanooga. I-95 MAY be quicker depending on weather and traffic, but I-81 is much more picturesque and always has far less traffic.

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    I would head west from Philly to Carlisle to pick up I-81. I would stay as far away from I-95 as possible. Depending on how much time you have available, there is a lot to see and do along that general route.

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    Guys, this thread is from 2005, so its pretty safe to say that this trip has long since been completed!

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