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    Default Toronto to New Orleans

    I'm thinking about a road trip from Toronto to visit friends in New Orleans at the end of August. I'd like to make it there in a couple of days, and am interested in any interesting things to see/do on the way. I've never made a trip like this before, and I'm looking for ideas about routes, things to see, and how long I should realistically allow myself to make the trip. Any ideas, suggestions, warnings at all would be really helpful.

  2. Default Follow the ORIGINAL highways

    Just rough figuring, I think you could very easily do this trip in 3 days (just the driving). If you can spend a little more time enroute, I'd generally follow the two main rivers (Ohio and Mississippi) and take your time. There will be lots of things to see along the way.

    Another beautiful option would be to follow the Blue Ridge Parkway (Virginia) and meander down through the mountains that way -- but that route is a bit out of your way to the east.

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