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    Default Call for the Fall Rendezvous

    We are thinking seriously about calling a Fall Rendezvous for someplace in the southeastern section of the United States toward the middle of October. Looking for ideas -- where do you want to meet? What do you want to do?


  2. Default Tennessee?

    Turning leaves in the Great Smokey Mountains!

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    This might work out for me--I'm planning on being in New Orleans Oct. 14-16, and could possibly fit something in within a day or two of that. I don't have any specific ideas for what or where, though.

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    How far east? I'm skeptical I have the time or funds to go that far now but I'm not ruling it out. I'll let you know when I hear more specifics. I would love to do it, just not sure it will work out.

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    If you guys decide on a time and place I will try and make it, I would like to meet some people that have the same Interest that i do. Sounds like fun.

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