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    Default Los Angeles to Philadelphia

    Hi, I am planning on driving from Los Angeles to Philadelphia next week. I plan to leave early on Tuesday morning and arrive by Friday Evening. Can someone help me in choosing the fastest route? Mapquest tells me to go through Arizona, New Mexico, then swing up through Missouri, Ohio, then to PA. However, I think I would like to avoid the southern states because of the heat. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. I plan to drive no more than 12 hours per day.


  2. Default If not I-40

    If you would rather not drive I-40, then first choice would be I-15 to I-70 and that all the way to Ohio, where you'd slide north toward PA. I-70 across Colorado will be beautiful -- but after Denver, the Great Plains can be fairly warm, too.

    I will be headed to Virginia next Thursday, and for me it will be I-40 all the way to eastern Tennessee -- I ain't askeered o' no stinkin' heat! Seriously, if your vehicle has air conditioning, you won't be a bit uncomfortable on a more southerly route. Except for the Mohave Desert, I-40 can even be driven without it -- with 2-60 air. That's 2 windows down, 60 mph. Used to use it all the time! :)

    If you have no air, drive the Mohave in early morning or evening, and a normal daytime driving schedule the rest of the way. Or, you can keep cool using cold ice water from an ice chest and a couple of towels. I've done it that way too! Arizona Bob, Desert Dog!

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