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    Default CT to CA

    Fairly new to this site, but my friend and I planned out a road trip but we have some long driving sections that we'd like to split up. I figured someone here would know somewhere to stop or some place to see inbetween the points.

    CT - Lexington, KY (somewhere in WV we were thinking)
    Lake Tahoe - Yellowstone
    Badlands - Chicago

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. We are pretty much for checking out anything if its worth it. Thanks.


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    Default Worth It Stops

    OK, Spencer, here are what I would consider some stops along the way of your three segments that range from the absolutely worthwhile to the slightly strange.

    CT - Lexington: Nothing in WV, although there are some nice state parks not too far from the Interstates if you're just looking for a place to pull off and relax. Definitely in the worth it category, however, is Gettysburg National Military Park. It's a little off the shortest route but can be reached relatively easily by taking US-15 south from Harrisburg and then rejoining I-70 in Hagerstown, MD. Check in at the visitor's center to get oriented and then walk the battlefield. If time does not permit that detour, at least stop at Fort Frederick State Park just west of Hagerstown and literally right next to the Interstate. For a quick fun stop, check out the replica of Noah's Ark being built in Frostburg, MD.

    Lake Tahoe - Yellowstone: Also a bit out of your way, but, in my opinion, well worth it are Bruneau Dunes and Bruneau Canyon in southern Idaho. You'd leave I-80 in Elko and go north on NV-225 and ID-51. Also try Craters of the Moon National Monument off US-93 in Idaho.

    Badlands - Chicago: Before getting to the Badlands, be sure to take US-14 and WY-24 off I-90 to see Devil's Tower. And don't forget Mt. Rushmore. Finally, for a quirky stop, check out the Corn Palace in Mitchell, SD.

    Hope you find these stops enjoyable.


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    sch Guest


    Thanks for the help. We were considering stopping off at Gettysburg, but now I think it'll be a definite. As well, thanks for the info on Bruneau Dunes and Canyon southern Idaho, I wouldn't have thought of that.

    Thanks again.

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    If this is the spencer i think it is then your going out with dave right?
    I think we are going to meet you guys on the road somewhere. Tom and I are doing the CT-CA trip but we are all over the place.


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