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    Default Two Spanish on the road...

    Hi there,

    My sister and me are going to do our first US Road-Trip this summer. We are from Madrid -Spain- and since we only have 3 weeks for our trip we decided to do just the South-East. We will start from Washington DC and travel South to New Orleans, from there to Florida, and then back up to DC...
    We are going to try to stop in all those weird and funny named little towns along the way (Climax, NC; Big Lick, NC; Welcome, SC; Between, GA; Intercourse, AL; Pocahontas, MS; Sanatorium, MS; Hot Coffee, MS; Two Egg, FL; Jupiter and Venus, FL; .......) and also in the not so weird named towns but in the wrong places! (Athens, Lebanon, Oxford, Cuba, Moscow, Florence, Jamaica, and we even found a Madrid, AL and a Spain, GA!!).

    I have been reading some posts in this forum and was wondering if there's anything we should take into consideration for our trip and that we missed out because of not being from the US.

    We will also appreciate any suggestions and comments!

    Thanx to all!

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    Default A challenge Trip

    We have always liked the challenge or themed road trips. A few more that we have heard of are listed here.

    Congrats for for limiting your roadtrip area to a reasonable distance to cover.


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    Also check out our section for international visitors! You can use this link to get to it (here on the RoadTrip America site).


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