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    So 6 of my friends and I have decided to take a 2-week cross-country road trip for no particular reason. We're driving from Auburn, NY to Sandiego, CA and wherever we feel like stopping along the way. Then heading north up the coast and back east. We have various relatives to visit along the way.

    We're going to play it by ear a lot of the time, but I thoughts I'd just see if there were any particular attractions or events we can't miss. I'd love to see random things anywhere across the nation. We're not looking for amusement parks ane whatnot, just cool little places to go and see.

    We're leaving tomorrow (friday 5/13) night. Sorry for the short notice and vague itinerary... but I thought I'd throw this out there. I'm open to ANY ideas.

    Thanks guys!

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    Default yo jake

    very jealous, man...youll have a great time no matter what you do and what your route is. i definitely suggest taking a more southern route after hitting a good city like chicago. check out vegas and arizona/grnd canyon and some of those nat'l parks en route to la/sd. if i could only do the coast to coast once, id go that way. and my one suggestion: if it looks cool, no matter what the reason (the more random the better), stop. those little towns you pull over in for a quick beer just cause you think the town's name is funny or whatever are the best memories youll have. meet people, take care, and have fun - nothing beats the open road.

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