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    Default Biloxi Bound!!!!

    Hi all!

    My wife and I are planning a roadtrip from Tampa Florida to Biloxi. We are bringing along our 5 month old and Grandparents. We are planning on doing a day trip to New Orleans then stopping by Destin Florida on our way home.

    Any suggestions/comments or tips for our trip would be greatly appreciated! What to see,do and not see/ do! Bring, etc....

    Thanks in advance!

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    I vote for a picnic lunch to eat on the beach somewhere around Panama City! Bob

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    Default New Orleans

    New Orleans with a 5 month old and Grandparents. I lived there for four years and my suggestion would be to do the aquarium/zoo with the steamboat ride down the Mississippi. It's a lot of fun, but bring lots of sunblock and hats because the zoo can get very hot from all the concrete. The last time I was there they had set up sprinklers for people to cool down under.

    I've only been to Biloxi once and just sat on the beach all day, so I can't help you much there.

    Have fun!


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    I love Biloxi & area. Quiet. Nice beach. Warm waters. hmmm... wish I were there again.

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    Default Living it Up

    One of the nicest afternoons I've spent in Biloxi was at the Beau Rivage. It's a fancy-pants casino resort owned by the MGM folks (think Bellagio in Vegas) but for about $100 for the day they gave us a private cabana at the pool with fruit tray and tv and bottled water - and a view of the pool and the gulf that made me think of the Carribbean. It was ideal for us because there was an air-conditioned/ceiling-fanned place to sit and enjoy the day without risking overheating or too much sun exposure for a member of our party who is medically inclined to avoid such things. The rest of us spent the day in the pool or sunbathing around it.

    I'm sure, as with all things in life, that the price may have gone up since then.

    There are lots of casinos in Biloxi as well, and along with them the prerequisite lunch buffets and glitz. Several lovely spas too, if the ladies in your life are into that sort of thing.

    Along the coast in Theodore, Alabama (just west of Mobile) is the Bellingrath Gardens, which is a lovely place to spend an afternoon (or whole day, depending on how much wandering and photo-taking you like to do). It's a grand example of what the nouveau riche were up to in the deep south in the 20s (Bellingrath was a Coca-Cola magnate). Tickets into the property are not expensive, and you can take a river cruise or add a tour of the grand house for a little more if you like. Depending on when your trip is, the gardens themselves will be different - June is rampant roses, while later (nearer August) is time for the tropicals.

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    Default Local's tips

    I'm from N.O. and was stationed in Panama City and made the trip alot. I wouldn't stop in PC b/c it's out of the way if you want to take I-10, it's off 98 and adds a few hours onto your trip before you can get back onto I-10. There are alot of nice places to stop and take a break in between so a picnic lunch is a good idea. The Battleship in Mobile is cool along the way. In N.O. the zoo and aquarium are nice. I also like taking some of the historical tours in the French Quarter or Garden District. Have fun. If you want anything specific I can probably help.
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