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    Hey everyone! I was thinking about planning a road trip in July starting in Southeastern Wisconsin, going through New Mexico, then Texas and finally Louisiana and back up to Wisconsin. I was planning on going alone, but a friend would possibly be able to go. I wanted to do this in a maximum of 3 weeks. While on the trip, I would like to see some of the National Parks and be able to shop. Its more of a trip for me to relax, clear my mind, and be able to see some interesting and beautiful sites! Finally, I would be staying at motels on my way there ie motel 6. My question is, will 3 weeks will be enough and do you have your personal favorites of National Parks or other sites that you have seen in those states?

    Thanks so much

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    Well, yes it's possible to do such a trip in three weeks providing you keep up a steady pace. You don't have to drive like a demon, but you should plan on covering a few hundred miles each day which would still leave adequate if not copious amounts of time for more enjoyable activities.

    As I suspect many others on this forum would, I'm going to suggest that you include southwestern Colorado on your route to New Mexico. With that in mind these are some of the dots you ought to be considering connecting to make your trip.

    Black Canyon of the Gunnison
    Mesa Verde
    Monument Valley
    Canyon de Chelley
    Santa Fe (Great shopping, epecially the flea market north of town - ask.)
    White Sands
    Big Bend
    San Antonio
    New Orleans
    St. Louis

    You will note that this is heavy on scenic nature in the west and man made attractions as you work your way up the Mississippi, but that's the nature of the trip you've laid out. I hope this helps.



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    Kristin Anne Guest


    Thanks so much for the information! I am trying to find someone to come with me, but Im not sure if thats going to happen. My mom, who would like to come, is taking care of my grandmother so it all depends what happens with that, and Im still talking it over with my brother and a friend. Would it be safe to go alone?

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    Hmmmm.... a tough question. The only times (in the US) I've ever felt ill at ease were once driving through Alabama and once in Harlem. Both had as much to do with my own paranoia as with any real danger. The only actual problem I've had was the time my car was broken into in New Orleans (Mardi Gras) and all my stuff was taken. That's really not bad for the amount of traveling I've done. But I'm a 6 foot 3 inch guy.

    The flip answer is that you'll be safe right up to the point when you're not. By far the vast majority of road trips are made without incident. You should expect the same. On the other hand, if this is your first long trip you'd be much better off with a companion. At the very least, it will give you someone to talk to during the long stretches of driving. Highway hypnosis is a very real danger. Also ask yourself how big a roadside emergency could you handle alone? Can you change a tire? How would you deal with the stress of getting lost or running out of gas in the middle of nowhere? These are questions only you can answer.

    For some general advice on traveling alone click here. There have been other discussions on this forum of safety issues for young women traveling alone. Try using the search option in the tool bar. Other than that use the same common sense you use in traveling around your home. Don't pick up anyone. Stay in well lighted and traveled areas. Etc. Hopefully someone more closely attuned to your situation will pipe up.


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    Default Some Additions

    As long as you are going that far, think about some of the National & State Parks in Utah. My favorites are Arches National Park & Bryce Canyon, but there are many others.Information at

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