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    Two of my friends and I are planning a road trip at the end of July from NYC to San Francisco. I was wondering if anyone could give me some insight on good routes to take, sights to see, places to stop. We have a max of 9 days but would like to ideally make it in 7. Also we are kind of on a low budget so any tips on budget travel, hostels, camping, etc would also be great.


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    danny g Guest


    Sounds like fun. I believe I80 will take you all the way there. My friend and I live on Staten Island and were thinking about 80 but we are going to LA so we have to take a southern route. We are leaving early June.

  3. Default Cheap road tripping

    Many times in my life to date, if it wasn't for CHEAP road tripping, there'd have been no road tripping at all! So I've learned to cut corners! It's not hard to do.

    Check out this article here on RTA for some tips (it's in the RoadTrip Planning section).

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