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    Default I plan to drive every SH/PH over 5 summers

    I was wondering, since I live in MA, should I do every MA SH? I live on Nantucket, so I would have to take that ferry to Hyannis, which lies at the intersection of two important SH's. 28 and 132. 132 is only 3 or so miles song, so that could be driven in about half an hour(traffic on the cape is horrendous) 28, on the other hand, is extemely long, 133 miles, and in Boston, is screwed up. I would like to have some advice to guide me along.

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    Give us more information about what you want to do, why, and what specific questions you'd like help with. I think from your post that you want to drive every state highway in your state, end to end?

    I've done the same thing in my home state -- only I've spread it out over many, many years! When I plan a trip, I'm always thinking about what road I haven't been on for awhile, or at all. I'm almost 52, and there's STILL one or two I've never been on... Bob

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    From end to end as you say. I plan to do N.E. in spring/summer/fall of this year. next year I hope to do the M.A and after that, the SE and after that... the MW

    I heard MO is the easiest state. and MA is the hardest.

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