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  1. Default Wash DC to San Jose (fastest route?)

    hi, i'm about to drive to from Washington DC to San Jose (about May 1st).

    when set to "fastest route", my GPS is taking me through RT-70 then down to RT-40 (towards the Southern CA then up to Northern CA).

    MAPQUEST: is sending me on RT-70 then RT-80.

    almost same estimated miles and time.

    which is faster in terms of traffic wise?

    how about any chance of snow this time of year in Utah and such?


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    I doubt you'll find any snow. MS Streets and Trips suggests the fastest route is I-270 to I-70 to I-76 to I-80 to San Jose. Driving time is about 41 hours at standard speeds. Using I-70 to Denver and going north to I-80 from there adds about 2 hours driving time, supposedly.

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