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    Carolyn Worl Guest

    Default CA laws for RVs plus...

    my husband and i want to get a 5th wheel. i've looked through the CHP website and can't find the info i'm looking for.

    what i need to know is: what is the max length a 5th wheel can be to also tow a trailer with an ATV or 2 on it? this is for California

    anyone know the answer or know where i might look???

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    Default Cali Highway Patrol


    I don't know the answer to your questions but I think this website will be useful to you : . If you don't find the answers there, maybe you should just call them.


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    Carolyn Worl Guest


    thanks gen, i'll try it! :)

    ok, yeah, i already looked there. doesn't say. i think i'm gonna need to call or keep looking around. thank you though!

  4. Default

    I found a few places that show the length to be 65':'max%20towing%20length%20of%20vehi cle%20in%20california'

    My brother-in-law was right at the limit when he towed his 5th wheel and boat!

    My BIL talked to Highway patrol officers and they didn't even know the offical length...LOL. I believe you need a Class A license to tow two trailers in California.


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    Carolyn Worl Guest



    here's the scoop!

    yes, some CHP officers don't know the offical length! you'd be surprised what else they're supposed to know but don't.

    so, the length when towing a 5th wheel or travel trailer PLUS anything else is 65 ft front of truck to rear of last trailer. however! if your trailer is less than (i'm not postive on this number) 24 ft, you can be 75 feet long. why? i don't know. and yes, you need a class A either way.

    thanks for the help!! :D

  6. Default LEO Education

    Yes, some CHP officers don't know the offical length! you'd be surprised what else they're supposed to know but don't.
    Patrol officers typically learn everything in academy, but then when they go out and work for a living, they become "generalists" -- just like you or me, if they learn "algebra" (just an example) but don't use it, they'll lose their edge on that topic over time. Same goes for traffic law, etc.

    On the other hand, they know who to call to get specific answers when necessary. An officer might see you pulling your rig down the road, and have the general idea you might be too long -- so if he's interested in finding out and has nothing more pressing to do, he calls the officers that specialize in that particular field. (In this specific instance, that would be the commercial truck unit, most likely).

    In line with the main "interests" of this forum, you might want to know that for TRAFFIC, the experts are the highway patrol officers, and in cities, motorcycle officers. You want to know something about traffic law? Ask a Motor or a Smokey. They are the experts! Bob

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    Carolyn Worl Guest


    thanks for the tip on who to ask.

    i only say "you'd be surprised..." because my in laws own a towing company, which i work for, and we often call our local CHP office with questions that CHP officers should know the answer to that they need to find out. i'm sure it's as you said...they learn it all and just don't use it! :)

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