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    Default Trip Photos

    Anyone interested, I have a couple of photos from some of my vacations at

    If & when I have the time (might be awhile!), I'll download more "albums" there.

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    Wow -- I really like the Ireland happy ducks photo (and the shots of PEI are great too). However, judging from the "rush hour jam" on that Irish highway, I'd say they have almost as bad a traffic congestion problem as Southern California. Great photos, thanks for posting them! Bob

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    Syv - What fabulous photos! I particularly enjoyed the Republic of Ireland photo. Thanks for sharing them...

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    Default Gros Morne

    I absolutely love the Gros Morne pics. The place seems gorgeous! I was supposed to go there this summer, but I won't have enough time off :rolleyes: Hey, did you go to Blow Me Down Park? How is it down there? Do you know where the name came from?

    Let me know when you post new photos!


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