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    Default Camping Gear going spare at the end of Nov 05

    We'll be in the States from the UK for approx 3 months on a Road trip from Sab Francisco across and down to Orlando. We've figured it will be easier to visit REI and purchase the camping gear we need for the trip, but do not want to take it back to the UK with us when we complete the journey in November. I've had a seach online for auction houses or what we'd call "car boot sales" to see if we can perhaps sell it on, but not having much luck - I'd consider donating it to charities or anything really - the gear will be too good to just throw away. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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    REI rents equipment. If you are a member, the rates are pretty cheap. Give them a call to see what the rates are at the store in San Francisco. They'll be able to tell you if you can return the stuff in Orlando.

    Although, if your trip is 3 months long, you may be better off purchasing. Check out, which is very popular here in the Boston area.

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