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    sreekumarvk Guest

    Default Minneapolis MN to Santa Clara CA


    This is my first post here and my first big road trip.

    Me and one of my friend are relocating to California for the summer and we are plannning to drive. is giving me a route via Iowa (I-35S), Nebraska (I-80W), Wyoming (I-80W), Utah (I-80W) and Nevada (I-80W)

    I am a nature lover so would love scenic routes. Is this the best route for nature? Any other suggestions?



  2. Default The scenic possibilities

    For scenery, I'd do it a little differently. Head west on I-90 through Badlands National Park and the Black Hills of South Dakota, then cut down across Wyoming through Buffalo, Thermopolis, and into I-80 at Rock Springs, then west on I-80 from there.

    Another option, also beautiful, is to go south from the Black Hills into Colorado (through Cheyenne) and pick up I-70 over the Rockies and into Utah, then US50 west from there across Nevada and California.

    Both of these are great routes. Bob

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    Cowgirl Liz Guest


    i agree that the badlands/black hills area of south dakota is definitely worth seeing as are the rocky mountains of colorado

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    sreekumarvk Guest


    Thanks for the suggestions. The route looks wonderful. Will try and convince my friend to take that route :)


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