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    Default Brit needs advise Cali to Maine.

    I have friends in LA and Maine. I am considering renting a bike or car and driving between the 2 in late august, early september.I will start in LA. I am not really bothered with R66 or any "nostalgia" stuff but would prefer some beutifull scenery and open roads. Ive heard Colorado is good for that. What about R40 ? How long would you say this would take, stopping every night and driving say 8 hours a day ? Is this realistic or should I get to say Chicago and fly to maine ? Any suggestions appreciated, thanks alot.


  2. Default I-15 & I-70

    For scenery, you can't beat I-15 and I-70 through Utah and Colorado, although I-40 is also very beautiful through Arizona and New Mexico. I can't give you the total driving hours off the top of my head, but for sightseeing and leisurely touring, I think you could do this trip in a bit less than a week -- maybe 5 to 6 days.

    Personally, I would drive the entire distance because that is what I live for -- but for you it depends on how much you like motor-touring. If you think 3 or 4 days is enough, then you could certainly fly between Chicago and Maine. But the eastern USA is also gorgeous, if crowded, and I wouldn't miss it! Bob

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    Default Thamks Bob

    Im looking at MS streets and trips and planning my trip with your comments in mind...Thanks


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