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    Hi. Wow, this new forum is lovely....but where are all the old posts?? Nevermind. We have received lots of help from Moderator Bob & Road Sister from our previous thread in planning our summer road trip. However, we have had a change in plans. We have decided NOT to stop in El Paso. We would welcome any suggestions on where to stop/stay in between San Antonio and Phoenix. We will be leaving early AM from San Antonio and can arrive early evening in Phoenix. We know we want to stop at White Sands NP in NM. We will have 2 night to spend on the road. Thanks in advance :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kristen&Lisa
    Hi. Wow, this new forum is lovely....but where are all the old posts?? Nevermind.
    Well, that is easy -- all of the threads are still here. If you do a search (green navigation bar above) for Thelma and Louise, you can see all of them.

    And here is a link to most of them

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  3. Default Summer in Phoenix

    Phoenix has some great 5 star resorts, which would cost you HUNDREDS of dollars a night in the tourist season -- but summer is NOT tourist season here! These places often go for as little as $60 to $100 per night in the summer -- so why not pamper yourselves a little -- or a LOT! You can easily find them on the web, although it may be a bit early yet to get them to fork up the CHEAP summer rates -- but if you need help or want more information, just holler. Bob

  4. Default Along the Way

    Well, how can you pass up Big Bend? I'm really torn, because the three BEST things along this route will take you more than two days... can you spare one more? If not, you'll have to skip something. Actually, on the following list, you'll have to skip something anyway, but this is how I'd want to do it, without having to rush.

    Day 1: Drive to Big Bend National Park and stay near Terlingua.

    Day 2 (or 3, if you spend an extra day at Big Bend, recommended): Drive to White Sands, then go on through Las Cruces and stay overnight at Silver City. With a little extra time, you could explore some of the surrounding area and check out the cliff dwellings -- homes of the early inhabitants of the area.

    Day 3: Drive to Phoenix via Kartchner Caverns State Park near Benson, AZ. Take the tour of the caverns. Also in the area, Cochise Stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains (great place for a picnic lunch). Once in Phoenix, call Bob for directions to the BEST barbecue (or Mexican) restaurants in town!

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