Anybody know California pretty well? My roommate and I are planning a week long Ca road trip for May. The one thing I can't figure out is getting from the Monterey/Salinas area over to Sequoia/Kings Canyon parks. Any good routes? It doesn't seem like anything's terribly convenient. One way I see is up 156 to 152 to 99 & down to 180. This puts us at the northern entrance of the park. Alternatively, we could go to the southern entrance backtracking by way of 101 south to 198, and over the whole way on that. I think this would be slower (esp. since 198 doesn't look like a big road). The advantage of the southern entrance is that there seem to be more hotels around that area. Scenic would be good, but quick is probably better for this particular day of the trip. While I'm at it, any recommendations for where to stay around Sequoia?