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    Default SoCal to Seattle possibly Canada

    Hey, I am planing a road trip with my buddy this summer, in about late May. We are going to start at Sothern California, Temecula, (Think Palm Springs or LA) and then drive up to Seattle, then Spokane, and possibly Canada. We're going just for the trip, we want to stop at amusment parks, clubs, gentlemens clubs, maybe at a theatre to see a show, etc etc. We'll probably take the I-5 the whole way up, unless there is a better rout that's more exciting. But basically we just wanna have a great time and be wild. I'm not 21 yet, so I won't be able to go to any gambleing establishment, or a drinking club, sorry I know that'll narrow your guys known places. But maybe suggest them anyways so that I can plan for next year when I will be.

    Thanks a lot, I appreciare it.

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    Default The Pike Pub in Seattle

    The Pike Pub in downtown Seattle at the Pike Place Market
    is a good place for food. Next year you will be able to enjoy
    their good beer.

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