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    Default Message Format Tool Bar

    Some useful information -- that might have escaped your notice.

    We have enabled a message format tool bar that allows you to add bold, italics, links and other useful modifcations to your messages. However, you will need to turn on this tool bar to use it.

    If you haven't seen this tool bar yet, once you are logged in click on the "User CP" on the left side of the green navigation bar. Then click> Edit Options -> Message Editor Interface -> Enhanced Interface -

    At this point you have three options -- A standard tool bar, An enhanced formatting tool bar and a Full WYSIWYG Editor

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    One, Two, Three


    I think I've got it!!!!


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    Default More Information about Responding to Messages

    We have enabled "Quick Reply" which is a tool that allows you to respond to specific posts in a long list of posts on that subject. It works best when viewing the posts in either threaded or hybrid format. I use the hybrid format in most cases because I can reach individual posts and still see all of the posts on a subject in a linear fashion when I just want to read the "flow" of the posted conversations.

    To use this tool, select the post you want to respond to by highlighted it with your cursor and then click the Quick Reply icon found in the lower right screen of the post (it looks like a page of notebook paper and a quill pen) this will open a message response box)

    Let me know what you think of this feature and tool!
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