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    Jayne Guest

    Default summer road trip ideas with kids

    My husband, 3 teenage kids and I want to fly from RI to Las Vegas....somehow want to include San Diego, Yosemite and San Francisco in our itinerary. We have 2 weeks in July. Any thoughts on our best route? Is this the correct order of travel?

    Any suggestions on any places in between stops? We have never been west of Las Vegas before. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. If possible, please email me at
    Thank so much, Jayne

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default I would do

    Yosemite first, followed by San Fran., then take the coast highway (US 101 south to San Diego). You may also want to add old Route 66, depending on how old the kids are and if you all are into a truely American experience. (I am looking foward to my first Rte 66 Trip sometime next fall, I would go sooner, but my car is threating to go kaput!).

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