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    imported_Stefan Guest

    Default Are there campsites in the US?

    Will I be able to find campsites in the US where I can park and have a shower and sleep in my car, while I'm on my roadtrip from LA to NYC. If so, how much does it cost, and how do I find them?

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    Default of course!

    All of the national parks have campgrounds.

    KOA is a big name across the nation of public / tourist campgrounds.

    The Bureau of Land Management / National Forests also allow camping in various sites all across the USA.

    Prices for a "tent only" site (this means you can sleep in your car) range from $12.00 per night to $28.00 per night.

    Showers are usually $2.00 or so extra.

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default also State Campgrounds

    Many State Parks have camping Facilities. To find these, just go to and search: [state name] State Parks. There you will get to see what facilities each park has. Most have "tent sites", but I dont think anyone will bother you if you don't pitch a tent.

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    Terry N. Guest

    Default Campsites around the US

    You may want to take a look at:
    At this site you will find a listing of over 100 campsites that can be reserved online.
    The listing is separated by state and lists the campgrounds along with a map of the campground showing sites etc.
    Hope you find this useful.

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