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    Default Been to Banff Canada?

    I'm going up to the Canadian Rockies (BANFF) in the middle of MAY. But I am worried about the weather. Does anyone know if all roads are open up there in mid-MAY?

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    Default Banff in May

    I was there about that same time last year. I can't vouch for ALL the roads, but certainly the main roads and even the dirt roads we travelled were clear. We did have a very light snow storm the evening we drove from Calgary up to Banff, but nothing that made the roads difficult.

    May is a great time to see that area. What you'll have to watch out for more than snow or ice are the number of large critters on the roads. It's spring and they'll be 'feeling their oats'. But the flocks of tourists won't have arrived yet and you'll still be able to see ice on some of the lakes and there will be a nip in the air that will make hiking pleasant to bracing.



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