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    Default Bay Area to Chicago

    I'm moving to Chicago in mid-May and trying to plan a road trip back with a friend. We'd like to take in some sites but not sure what there is to see. Any ideas? Not too rushed so small diversions are okay. Also, what's a realistic time frame for arriving in Chicago without killing myself behind the wheel?? Was thinking of 3-4 days. Thanks for your help.

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    Default 3 or 4 days!

    That's not a lot of time for detours. I would take Hwy 50 across California and Nevada. It's called the Loneliest Road in the US through Nevada, but I like it. In Utah take I-70 to Denver. This is one really scenic stretch of Interstate....and I-80 after Salt Lake City can be pretty boring!


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    So now we've changed ourplans to allot 6-7 days. Much more time to actually see something besides pavement. Still open to suggestions!

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