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    Default never been north

    Hello all,

    Kinda cool that I stumbled upon this message board cuz I'm trying to find the most scenic route to chicago, ill. I live in Southwestern Louisiana and I've always wanted to travel north and I finally have an excuse! My cousin needs a ride to chicago so I figured I'd make it a nice road trip. She's never been up that either so we'd like to pack as much different terrain and scenery in this trip as we can.

    Looking on the road atlas, I see that I can take Interstate 55 from Louisiana all the way to Chicago, but that's a whole lotta interstate, man. I'd really love some input if you all have any.

    Thanks alot.

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    Default time / interests?

    How much time do you have? Is this straight there & back trip, or do you want to see some sites along the way?

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    Default re: time/interests?

    It's going to be a week-long trip. We're leaving from Louisiana on Tuesday, my cousin has to be in chicago by Thursday and I have to be in Iowa early Friday. I swing back to Chicago from Iowa on Monday to pick her up and we head back to Louisiana.

    Not terribly too much time to stop and stay anywhere for too long, just looking for some beautiful scenery and maybe experience some Tennessee night life on Tuesday or Wednesday night.

    ANY suggestions are welcome for the ride there and back. Thanks for replying. :)

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    Default sorry!

    Sorry - didn't get to this till Tuesday. Hope you had a good trip.

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